Life Happens

So, I (unintentionally) took a year off from MsPastorMom.  Sorry about that.  A lot has been going on, and frankly, writing hasn’t been much of a priority.  Survival has been.  Family has been.  But writing?  Not so much.

When I started this blog, it was my intention to chronicle my life as a Wife, Pastor, and Mother while on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  It’s funny how life happens, isn’t it?  As it turns out, my journey of self-discovery and personal growth has actually required some time, attention, and work!!! HA!  Imagine that.  And the time, attention, and work that my journey has required just hasn’t left me with much time or attention to work on this blog.  There’s a lesson here, I think. 🙂

Somehow, I think I thought that I would set out to discover myself, and that I wouldn’t have to do any real work to find “me” I think I thought that I would just continue moving through my life like I always had and that somehow doing the same things I had always done would magically bring me to a grand point of enlightenment wherein I would discover myself, and could then continue doing what I had always don. Voila! I would be found and change!

Surprise, surprise.  As it turns out, this is not exactly how these things go.  I’m okay with that, though, because discovering who I am and learning to love myself as I am are worthwhile and meaningful life goals for me. I am on my way.  I am happier, more content, and more settled than I have been in a long time.  I am learning how to listen to myself and take myself seriously.  I am learning how to be more in touch with my body, mind, and spirit so that I can take better care of myself and make better decisions for myself, my family, and my work.

Here is what I have accomplished in the last year:

1) I left a job that was “one job too many” so that I could focus more time and attention on my other two jobs, my family, and myself;

2) I endured eight months of vocational torture that ultimately ended up being the (painful, disappointing, embarrassing, and humbling) vessel of experiences that God used to bring me to a new place of self-discovery and understanding;

3) I began to attend more purposefully to matters related to my physical and emotional health (HUGE changes here! I lost 63 pounds this year);


4) I was called as the interim pastor of a lovely Lutheran congregation nearby whose regularly-called pastor recently accepted a call to another congregation, and I am honestly able to say that I am excited to go to work most days now. It feels good; and

5) My husband graduated with his Ph.D.;

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Leitzke
The Rev. Dr. Timothy Leitzke

6)  He and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary;10526176_1571658676398860_1240150470637742545_n

7) Our oldest daughter turned four; and

Happy 4th Birthday, Audrey!
Happy 4th Birthday, Audrey!

8) Our youngest daughter turned two.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jane!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Jane!

That’s enough for one year, right?

This year has been full of work and change. Life happens. Over and over again. Life happens. God’s hand has been guiding it all. I’m certain of it.  Otherwise, how would my life–complicated, frustrating, embarrassing, surprising, and humbling as it is–have borne such prolific fruit?

Life happens. And now I’m living mine!

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